Fleas are not easy to get rid of once they have become established in your environment. Fortunately, we now have 5 steps to help you get rid of them.

First, you need to understand fleas. There are four stages to the flea lifecycle: the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the adult. The pupa is the only one of these stages that cannot be treated. Fleas in the pupa stage must hatch to be treated. Fleas in the pupa stage hatch from heat and vibration as they think a meal is going to be nearby. It takes approximately two months for all fleas in the pupa stage to hatch. If you persist in your treatment you will succeed in becoming “FLEA FREE”!!

5 Steps to Take:

  1. If you have a cat, start on a product like Revolution (Cats / Dogs), Bravecto (3mo) or Activyl. If you have a dog, start on a product like Activyl, Credelio or Bravecto. All of these products prevent fleas from reproducing more eggs in the future. Revolution, Credelio, Activyl, and Bravecto also eliminate fleas in the adult stage. Capstar can be used but they only affect fleas in the adult stage. All of these products must be used for at least three months in a row, or until no new fleas are seen.
  2. Vacuum the areas where your pet spends the most time. Throw away the vacuum bag, or if using a vacuum with no bag, wash out the canister with warm soapy water and spray with Knockout.
  3. Apply Knockout to the areas you have vacuumed. Knockout comes in an area-treatment spray can, and also in a fogger. Ask to see which type would be more conducive to your living quarters. If you have non-carpeted areas apply Knockout around the edges of the space since that is where the eggs would most likely be. If your pet sleeps on your bed apply Knockout on, around, and under the bed, as the eggs will fall off any bedding and onto the floor.
  4. Let the product settle for the time stated on the can and repeat step 2.
  5. Finally, repeat steps 2,3, and 4 two days after you have initially treated.


Download the client handout here